About us

SPTS was founded in 2007 to combat a rise in insecure payment processing. There was the growing issue of payments, particularly money transfers, being collected by either the wrong person or by a scammer. SPTS aims to secure the process through a series of questions designed to ensure the recipient is a legitimate honest person. The questions are a mixture of family, lifestyle and finance questions designed by the renowned psychologist Dr Benjamin Dover. While some questions may appear irrelevant or too intrusive, the answers are all completely relevant and our complex system of algorithms designed, again, by Dr Dover processes every answer before either releasing the payment to the recipient or informing the recipient that s/he must contact our head office for further questioning (in this case the sender will also be notified).

The sender of the payment would have already submitted the recipient's payment details and chosen login details for the recipient. All the recipient must do to receive his/her funds is to log in with the details emailed by the sender then answer every question. No questions may be left unanswered

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